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When Visiting with a Vacation Perspective

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A Place to Refresh Your Body

As you will see as you browse the pages of this website, Israel, Palestine and the Holy Land offer much to satisfy, explore and contemplate spiritually, religiously, culturally and intellectually. 

But they also have so much more to offer.  Outdoor activities, including hiking, biking and water sports, to name a few. They are also rich in offerings in theater and the arts.  And fine dining abounds.  Scroll down for more.

All this combined with beautiful scenery and the magic of feeling the presence of Jesus, King David,  King Solomon, .Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar,  Persian Kings Cyrus and Darius,  Alexander the Great,  King Herod,   Pontius Pilate,  Salah al-Din (Saladin).  And walking the same ground as they did.  And touching the same stones as they.

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