So Much to See/Do/Experience

“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.” — Edith Wharton

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” — Aldous Huxley

The land we know as Holy is a place of paradoxes. It is a serene place filled with people in tension. It is in many ways a primitive place and at the same time home to modern cities offering modern amenities. It is a place of warm people and implaccable adversaries. A place of limitless opportunities and great disparities. A place where cultures clash while holding the promise of becoming the place where Muslims, Christians and Jews, Arabs and non-Arabs, and peoples of the East and the West can demonstrate how we can all live in peace and harmony and with respect for each other

It is a place to refresh your mind, your body and your soul and at the same time a place in need of refreshing its minds, bodies and souls.

It is an historic place in which you can walk in the footsteps of Salah al-Din (Saladin) and the Crusaders, Jesus and Pontius Pilate, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Caananites, Nabatians, Phoenicians and Egyptians, and David and Goliath and also witness current history in the making.

And it is a place for world class hiking, biking, water sports, fine dining, opera, ballet and theater. It is the where, in one way or another, we all came from. A place to discover, encounter, celebrate and enjoy our histories, our cultures, and our religions

For all these reasons, it is a place to which we all need to return. For ourselves and for the land and the people living there.

It is a place like no other in the world. It is a place to visit soon. . .  and to return to often.

You can, and will, enjoy the Land called Holy from many different perspectives, including a Spiritual Religous or Non-Religious Perspective, a Historical/Cultural Perspective, a Current Events Perspective and/or a Traditional Vacation Perspective, among others. Click on "So Much to See and Do" in the navigation section above to begin your exploration, then contact us and let's discuss crafting a visit for your group that focuses on the perspective(s) that most interest you.

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