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When Visiting with a Current Events Perspective

A Place to Refresh and Stimulate Your Mind Part 2

Current events in the Israel, Palestine and the Holy Land are, by turns, fascinating, horrifying, and spellbinding, and frustrating, among other things.  But one thing they are not is simple. But you would not know that if, as is the case with most people, your principal source of information is the 11 o'clock news or the front page of a newspaper.

Come visit the places where it is all happening: Jerusalem. Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, Nazareth, East Jerusalem, Palestine (aka the "Occupied Territories"). Walk the streets of a Christian village, , East Jerusalem, a refugee camp, a Muslim city and a settlement.  Meet and talk with the people there.  Dine with local families and find out what they think and feel about the events affecting their lives.  Scroll down for more.

Come see history as it is made. And when you do, make some time to see the sites of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem . . . the list is virtually endless. And also to enjoy fine dining, fine art, hiking, biking, the beaches and more.

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