So Much to See/Do/Experience
A Sample Itinerary

Vist the Land called Holy soon

No matter what the perspective is that motivates you to visit the Land called Holy, the richness of the Land called Holy offers promises an itinerary that meets your needs and desires. Consider the one below, for example, to whet your appetite and begin your thinking about what you want out of your visit.

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DAY 1 (Arrivals )

Arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv-Jaffa area), Transfer to Nazareth (depending on time of arrival, possible stopover at a site along the way.
Dinner followed by introductions and discussion of the itinerary and how to get the most out of it.

Overnight in Nazareth.

Day 2 (The Town of the Incarnation then and now; the Christian Experience in the Holy Land)

Morning:  Nazareth: visit Mary´s Well at Saint Gabriel Church, the Annunciation Church, Saint Joseph Church, the Tomb of the Just and an Old Synagogue. Visit an Old Market.

Afternoon: Break/free time: Suggested Activities to be provided.

Late afternoon/early evening:  Meeting in Nazareth with local Christian families for group discussion of being Christian in the Holy Land, followed by group dividing up for dinners with a local Christian family at their home. 

Overnight in Nazareth.

Day 3 (Jesus Ministry around the Sea of Galilee, Human Rights Briefings).

 Visit Cana, Tabgha, Peter's Primacy, Capernaum and the Mount of Beatitudes and Baptismal site.  Lunch at Tanoreen   Then Mount Tabor, the site of the Transfiguration. Visit to the Church of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor and walk path through the woods around the mountain, stopping at beautiful overlooks of the Galilee valley. 

Late     afternoon/early evening:  Human Rights Briefing: Being a Minority in the Holy Land; Women’s Status Briefing, followed  cocktails and hors d'ouevres with local residents.

After dinner: Café/Gelato at a local cafe and a night walk through the area.

Overnight in Nazareth.

Day 4 (Friends, Romans and Countrymen: The Arab Minority/Majority: Arab Muslims, Settlements and Settlers, and Caesarea)

Morning: Umm al Fahm (largest Muslim city in Israel) art gallery, walk around Umm al Fahm,  meeting with representative of the mayor.

Afternoon: Visit Caesarea. Visit the Israeli settlement of Alfe Menasche settlement, meet with residents of the community.

Dinner in, e.g.,  Hertzliya or Netanya  en route to Jerusalem.  Check in at hotel in East Jerusalem.

DAY 5 (Jerusalem, Whose City?)

Walk to Damascus gate, enter the Old City into the Muslim section. Visit Haram Ash-Shareef and/ or The Temple Mount, the Western (Wailing) Wall,  Walk the Stations of the Cross.  Visit  The City of David, walk the Kidron Valley.

Meeting with a Jewish resident of East Jerusalem or the Old City.

Evening: Meeting with Arab Christian resident of East Jerusalem followed by dinner in East Jerusalem. 

OPTIONAL: Night bike ride through the Old City

DAY 6 (They have no place at the inn)

Visit Yad V'Shem (Holocaust Museum) then depart for Bethlehem.

Visit the Shepherds' Field, the Herodion, Church of the Nativity, shopping around the plaza

Visit to a Palestinian refugee camp

Dinner in Bethlehem followed by meeting with Christian residents of Palestine.

Overnight in Bethlehem.


Day 7 (He saw the City and wept on it )

Leave for Jerusalem. Stop off at Beit Shahur (a Christian village in Palestine).   Drive through Maale Adumin (largest Israeli settlement). Stop off at Taybeh ( a Christian village in Palestine).

Meeting with representative of the Episcopal, Lutheran or Catholic Diocese

Overview from Mount Scopus,   Walk the Mount of Olives from the Ascension down to the Gethsemane Garden and to Mary's Tomb..Visit Mount Zion, The Cenacle and the Pentecost Area, Saint Peter in Galicantu.  

Dinner in Jerusalem followed by group meeting summarizing, reflecting on and discussing the week we have spent in Israel, Palestine and the Holy Land and then depart for airport