Eyewitness Tours is a service of United Christian Communities, Inc. The mission of Eyewitness Tours is to provide a vehicle for all people, Christians and non-Christians alike, whether they deem themselves to be religious, non-relifious or something in between, to learn first-hand about the situation in the Middle East, specifically in that land that is called Holy. Eyewtiness Tours does not advocate any political or religious views nor offer any version of "truth" nor any analysis. Travel with Eyewitness Tours exposes visitors to people, places and situations that cover the political, religious and cultural spectrum in order to permit visitors, if they will keep their minds open, to view the situation through the eyes of those living it, and in so doing to prompote understanding and tolerance of (as opposed to agreement with)any particular viewpoint or opinion.

United Christian Communities Inc. is a U.S. tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code. Its offices are located at 315 Madison Avenue, Suite 901, New York, NY 10017. Its telephone number is 800.869.4919. The mission of United Christian Communities is to halt and then reverse the flight of Christians from the Holy Land to preserve and to foster a vibrant, living Christian presence in the place where Christianity was born, building connections with the Holy Land. Please visit us at www.UnitedChristianCommunities.org.